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<== 2007: Darby, Daytona
and Yucca

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A 2007 news summary coming soon! But you can find some updates at my MySpace blog!

Vega$ - 1996-2007
Our beautiful girl passed away on March 5th 2007; we miss her terribly. I've written about her on my MySpace blog; condolences can be left there or at my IRCF blog. If you wish to do something in her memory, please donate in her name. If it wasn't for her, my life's path would not have led me have so many friends in the reptile world and become involved with reptile conservation. ~des

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Vega$' home was in Redondo Beach, CA. We live about 1.5 miles from the coast. Spring and Summer weekends means visits to the beach where Vega$ happily bellycrawled in the sand. Vega$ at nearly 11 years old, 8#, 4.5'stl and over 16"svl passed away in March 2007 from a long battle with an illness. She was treated like a family member, and she was an astounding lizard in personality and intelligence.

We still have our two bearded dragons, Yucca and Daytona. They're aging as well, respectively 8 and 7 years old (as of December 2007).

Darby, a male green iguana, joined our family in March 2005; he was abandoned at the veterinarian's office and had a stump of a tail. He is now approximately 3 years old and over 4'stl.

Pictures of the beachy iguana and dragons :)

Vega$' portfolio
Vega$ has demonstrated that she can work well before cameras and crew. Below you can examples of her work and the memories she has left behind.
    Wandering Spirits. The lizards 2002 Holiday Photo was selected to be published in an International Libary of Photography book and has moved on to compete in the next competition phase! (2003)
    Animal Planet's Pet Psychic. Season 2, Episode 204. (2003)
    Iguana Love Yep! Vega$ was the lead iguana in this short film. (2001)

    Other places to see Vega$?
      Check out Melissa Kaplan's book Iguanas for Dummies. Look for the iguana doing some car travelling!
      A Spring 2000 issue of DVM Pulse, magazine for the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association.
      Summer edition, covering the Manhattan Hometown Fair, of the now-defunct South Bay Times.
      Adam Britton, PhD has photographed Vega$ and used one of her photos for the Crocodylus Park website. Check her out there.
      TV Guide, August 23rd 2003 edition, with Sonya Fitzpatrick, the Pet Psychic.
      Vega$ and some of our photos are used to help with the efforts of the Wisconsin NIAD Small Scale Reptile Rescue. Please visit their site (2004)
The dragons' portfolio
We're beginning to bring some focus on to Yucca and Daytona
    Endless Journeys. Yucca's A Soulful Gaze photograph was selected to be published in an International Libary of Photography book and has moved on to compete in the next competition phase! (August 2003)
    Yucca's colorful face can also be seen on a banner for Herp Center. HC held a contest, and Yucca was selected, along with a Tokay Gecko and Greek Tortoise photo I had submitted. (May 2004)
    The dragons can be seen at our friends Justin and Julie Williams' commercial website in the bearded dragon section. Visit Basking Wonders. (2004)
Current projects I am involved with
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Efforts we strongly support.
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