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A 2007 news summary coming soon! I know it's a bit late, but you can find some updates at my MySpace blog!

Vega$ - 1996-2007
Our beautiful girl passed away on March 5th 2007; we miss her terribly. I've written about her on my MySpace blog; condolences can be left there or at my IRCF blog. If you wish to do something in her memory, please donate in her name. If it wasn't for her, my life's path would not have led me have so many friends in the reptile world and become involved with reptile conservation. ~des

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Cyclura/Ctenosaura projects, Argentine Sand Dune Lizard, Project Heloderma and Gharials in India

Thanks to IRCF Membership promotion support from Blue Iguana Products (a division of Carib Sea), new members can receive shipped a 10 quart bag of CoCo Soft substrate through February 29th, 2008. Visit for more details and promotion code.

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